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The Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings in Ottawa, Canada
The Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings in Ottawa, Canada

Here at House of Canvas, we do more than just sell shade products, we provide homeowners with the opportunity to improve their home, refresh their lifestyle, and reduce their expenses. Motorized retractable screens in Ottawa, Canada, for example, are a great investment for homeowners that provide several cost saving benefits.

Energy Savings

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs is to cut back on how much electricity you use to cool your home. Unfortunately, some homeowners may find this difficult, if not impossible to do. Investing in power shades from House of Canvas, however, can make an enormous impact by blocking up to 75% of the sun’s rays from entering the home and heating the area, reducing the amount of power the climate control system requires to reach optimal comfort levels. 

Health Benefits

Since up to 75% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can be blocked with the use of motorized retractable awnings in Ottawa, Canada, the risks associated with excessive UV exposure may also be reduced. Homeowners can easily decide when to utilize the screen and when to retract it to allow more natural light into a space.

Convenient to Use

Before the invention of the power screen, homeowners would have to manually extend the awning usually with a hand crank. Often this would be difficult to do, particularly for older homeowners. However, with today’s advances, it now takes a simple flip of a switch to engage the power screen, which will automatically stop once it’s fully extended or retracted. 

Protection for Interior Furnishings

A sun kissed glow may be beautiful when it manifests as highlights in your hair, however, the sun’s kiss can bleach interior furnishings and damage fibers. Engaging the power screen during times of direct sun exposure can help reduce this damage and prolong the life of your furnishings.

Improved Curb Appeal and Resale Value

In today’s housing market, buyers tend to favor homes with pleasant curb appeal and high rates of energy efficiency. Investing in motorized retractable screens can provide both of those aspects for your home. Since the fabrics used at House of Canvas can last between seven to ten years, homeowners won’t feel pressured to sell quickly to avoid losing a sale due to worn out awnings. 

For more information about motorized retractable screens in Ottawa, Canada, or to request a free consultation, contact House of Canvas today!