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Five Reasons to Invest in Canopies and Awnings for Homes
Five Reasons to Invest in Canopies and Awnings for Homes
Signs of spring can be seen poking up all over the Ottawa area, hinting at the warmer weather ahead. The promise of long summer nights has many homeowners looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency, while increasing the values of their homes. Canopies and awnings for homes are a wonderful way to invest in your property. Here are five reasons why.


Energy Reduction and Other Savings

Awning and canopies block much of the sun’s rays from entering vulnerable windows and entryways, reducing heat buildup within the home by as much as 75%. By preventing heat buildup, awnings help reduce how much power is required to reach a comfortable indoor temperature, effectively reducing your power bill. Installing a power screen is another way to decrease energy usage without changing the outward appearance of the home. 

Improves Curb Appeal

There is a special charm in having awnings over the windows of your home’s facade. Here at House of Canvas we proudly offer a wide range of styles and cover colors, allowing homeowners to personalize their home or upgrade the curb appeal before listing the property for sale. Canopies and awnings for homes are a simple way to give your home a face lift, while adding your intimate touch. 

Expands the Living Space

Too often, cook outs, BBQ, and other gatherings are abandoned due to preventable complications, such as too much sun exposure, rain, or bugs. However, canopies, either free standing, attached, or retractable, solve these problems before they even start by providing shelter and shade. A fixed awning over the deck or patio, for example, provides protection from the sun and rain, while allowing unhindered access to the home.

Increases the Home’s Value

Out buildings such as canopies can potentially add to a property’s value and are often big selling points for many buyers. Even if selling your home isn’t on your mind, improving the home’s value now will pay off greatly when you do decide to sell. 

Protects Your Biggest Asset

Your home is a major investment in and of itself and it stands to reason that you would want to protect that investment. By blocking much of the sun’s harmful rays, awnings and canopies reduce damages caused by the sun, such as bleaching, warping, and blistering.

To learn how to invest with an awning in the Ottawa and surrounding areas, contact the House of Canvas team today!