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Winding Brace – Hooked (White)

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Winding Brace – Hooked (White)

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Weather and damage resistant white powder-coated steel hooked winding brace - Available in assorted lengths to best suit your needs.
Attach to retractable awning gears or override motors to manually operate the awning. The ergonomic offset crank handle hand-grips freely rotate for a smooth and quiet operation. Store winding braces near patio doors or in areas with protection from rain and snow. Not recommended to store in close proximity to water and/or snow for prolonged periods of time.

Measuring Tips
Locate the retractable awning gear or override motor. Measure down from the bottom of the opening loop of the awning gear/motor to the middle of your chest/abdomen in a comfortable standing height. Ensure that your measuring instrument is inline with the angle of the awning gear/motor (match the angle, ensure the measurement continues in a straight line). If the measurement falls between available lengths, opt for the closest length.

Available Lengths

  • 4'-0" (48")
  • 4'-11" (59")
  • 5'-11" (71")
  • 8'-2" (98")

Also available in black and ivory.