House of Canvas

Ottawa's First Choice for Awnings and Canopies

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Serving Ottawa for over 35 years

Satisfying the needs of our customers, while maintaining the highest standard of work ethic has earned House of Canvas the reputation as the leading manufacturer of Awnings and Canopies in the region. For the past 35 years, House of Canvas has been recognized as an innovator in Awning design, engineering and fabrication. We are committed to using premium materials, giving our customers the best value for their investment.

Tradition, integrity and superior customer service are the values that make House of Canvas the primary choice of architects, engineers, developers, contractors, property managers, businesses, and homeowners for all their canvas awning needs.

When you are ready to renovate, call us for exciting fresh ideas. As all of our structures are built for longevity, “recovers” can be produced for your awnings, canopies or shade structures as the need arises. For Architects, Contractors and Designers please send a drawing or sketch and we will be happy to provide assistance with your project and a quotation.

Whatever your requirements, House of Canvas appreciates the opportunity to serve you.