Window Awnings

Add charm and personality to your home with the effective use of awnings. Window awnings are available in many styles and construction. Awnings complement traditional, classic or modern architecture with unique designs created just for you.

Most traditional awnings may remain up all year offering full-time protection or are easily removed for the benefit of complete sun and warmth in the winter. Retractables are ideal for rooms which generate excessive heat due to extreme sun, yet easily allow the option of maximizing brightness on overcast days. Very practical for rooms where adjustability is priority. Awnings can be lowered to any level, from just an accent look to complete coverage.

Besides beautifying, awnings are very functional. Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers maintain a potential heat gain reduction of 55% to 77%, pending the direction facing. This greatly eases the air-conditioning power struggle in summer, cutting costs and increasing comfort while protecting your interior furnishings. Fabric awnings reduce home cooling energy consumption by 10 to 60% pending geographical location.

Awnings are a wise addition to your home for both fashion and energy savings.



House of Canvas

House of Canvas