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Residential Portfolio

Power Screens

With the touch of a button, Power Screen Systems can enhance your home or outdoor structure to provide shade, energy savings, ventilation and insect protection. Power Screen Systems feature innovative SRS™ Side Retention System, the strongest retention system available on the market today. The system is designed to keep the screen mesh stable, and allowing worry-free use of your screen, even in high wind conditions. Field-tested, the screens remain secure in winds of up to 100 km/hr. Power Screens are available in a variety of fabrics and colours to provide protection, privacy and energy savings.


Window Awnings

Add charm and personality to your home with the effective use of awnings. Window awnings are available in many styles and construction. Awnings complement traditional, classic or modern architecture with unique designs created just for you.

Most traditional awnings may remain up all year offering full-time protection or are easily removed for the benefit of complete sun and warmth in the winter. Retractables are ideal for rooms which generate excessive heat due to extreme sun, yet easily allow the option of maximizing brightness on overcast days. Very practical for rooms where adjustability is priority. Awnings can be lowered to any level, from just an accent look to complete coverage.

Besides beautifying, awnings are very functional. Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers maintain a potential heat gain reduction of 55% to 77%, pending the direction facing. This greatly eases the air-conditioning power struggle in summer, cutting costs and increasing comfort while protecting your interior furnishings. Fabric awnings reduce home cooling energy consumption by 10 to 60% pending geographical location.

Awnings are a wise addition to your home for both fashion and energy savings.



Patio & Deck – Retractable

Retractable Patio Awnings

Retractable Patio Canopies

A proven worldwide bestseller, BAT® retractable awning systems offer a heavy-duty folding arm awning suitable for terraces, decks and balconies. The highest quality materials are used to ensure outstanding performance and reliability at all times.

BAT® retractables are very simple to use either manually or with the convenience of a motorized system. A fully automatic sensory system provides absolutely effortless operation!

Complement the awning with a blind that lowers to maximize shading, particularly later in the day. The patented fabric is of high-tenacity polyester yarn with reinforced construction rendering it highly resistant to wind and intensive use. The premium polymers ensure colour and dirt resistance.

Sun protection was never so simple.


Patio & Deck – Fixed Frame

As the ultimate in coverage, fixed canopies provide an entirely new outdoor room. Custom designed and made with premium performance materials, our canopies are built to last, providing years of luxurious shade, backyard enjoyment and a savings in cooling costs. The frame can be made any size or dimension, tailoring the contours of your deck.

Construction is of galvanized steel for enduring structural integrity. All sewing is with Gore ™ Tenara (Gore-Tex™) thread guaranteed to provide the strongest seams that last a fabric’s lifetime. The fabric is available in a stunning choice of colours infused with water & dirt resistance and extreme colour endurance.

Accessorize your new room with curtains to enhance décor, offering weather protection and privacy. Screening, either fixed or curtain-style can lessen the annoyance of insects. Add a decorative touch with post wraps.


Patio & Deck – Freestanding

Free standing canopies offer a vast array of styling. From dome shaped to peaked or vented, round or rectangular, you’re limited only by imagination. Clean lines created by the wrought-iron look provides contemporary sophistication.

The welded steel frame construction is unsurpassed in strength and durability. Although typically finished in black, custom colours are available.

There’s a wide selection of engineered fabrics to choose from, ensuring the best choice for your canopy top; from the latest technology in acrylics to engineered vinyls and variable density meshes.

Make a personal statement with colour-coordinated curtains for elegance, privacy or simply sun and wind protection. Introduce your backyard to the fashion you’ve been looking for.

Entrance Canopies

A canopy can transform a very plain façade or simple door into a striking entranceway while providing shelter and protection. The door and trim are protected thus requiring less maintenance.

Canopies are of a welded steel frame construction offering a maximum strength structure. It’s possible to frame the door only or to create a walkway canopy covering steps as well. Available in different designs and types, canopies typically remain up 12 months of the year; however, seasonal entrance awnings are available, which often suits patio doors.

Custom designed and fabricated Entrance Canopies allow you to express your own fashion statement with quiet sophistication or an exciting splash of colour.

Create an inviting entrance to your home!

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