Patio & Deck – Fixed

Extend indoor living to the outdoors with the integrity of a patio canopy.

A canopy provides maximum protection and beauty to any deck – round or square! The canopy can contour your deck, making a perfect custom fit.

Constructed with a galvanized steel framework and woven acrylic fabric top, protection from sun and rain is effective while providing a substantial cooling effect on the house. The life of your deck can be extended; reducing maintenance due to decreased UV exposure and directs rain away from the house.

Create your own private area with functional yet elegant accessories – post wraps, curtains or screens. With the sturdiness of the frame, it’s possible to decorate with lighting and lush planters to transform your deck into an “outdoor living room”!

Patio & Deck – Free Standing

Free standing canopies offer a vast array of styling. From dome shaped to peaked or vented, round or rectangular, you’re limited only by imagination.

The welded steel frame construction offers ultimate strength and durability. Usually black in finish however custom colours are available.

Accessorize with color-coordinated curtains to provide protection from sun and wind or simply privacy from the neighbours! Screening, either fixed or curtain-style, can lessen the annoyance of insects. Post wraps are a decorative touch for color and elegance.

With the addition of lighting, planters, hanging baskets or even a hot tub, it’s your way to obtain an oasis in the city.

Patio & Deck – Retractable

A retractable awning gives you the option of either full sun or full shade leaving your patio free and clear of poles. The adjustable arms can change the pitch maximizing your protection.

The patio awning is available either by manual operation or with the added convenience of a motorized system, operated by a wall switch or by remote control. As an added luxury, a sensory system is available to do the thinking for you – by opening when the sun shines and closing if the wind is too strong.

Sun protection was never so simple.

Window Awnings – Traditional

As well as the functional side of cutting air-conditioning costs and protecting interior furnishings, awnings add charm and personality to your home. Awnings transform a plain facade into a personal statement.

Traditional awnings are available either non-retracting or retracting to allow you to let more light in when necessary.

The awnings may remain up all year or be removed easily for complete sun and warmth in the winter.

Window Awnings – Retractable

The convenience of a retractable provides both full shade or light as required.

Very simple to use either manually or with the convenience of a motorized system. The awnings can be lowered to any level on your window – from just an accent look to complete coverage.

Retractable are ideal for rooms which generate excessive of heat due to extreme sun, yet easily allow the option of maximizing brightness on overcast days.

Window Awnings – Welded Frames

Welded frame window canopies are custom designed to compliment and dramatize architecture.

They are excellent as four season protection. The construction is extremely solid and the durable woven acrylic top is taut to minimize weathering. Rain and snow roll off easily.

There’s a large color selection to properly accent your home. A double valance can add a “pulled together” design touch.

Entrance Canopies – Main Entrance

A canopy can transform a very plain facade or simple door into a striking entranceway while providing shelter and protection. The door and trim are protected thus requiring less maintenance, keeping the area drier.

Canopies are of a welded frame construction offering a maximum strength structure. It’s possible to frame the door only or to create a walkway canopy covering steps as well.

Custom designed and fabricated, entrance canopies allow you to create your own statement.

Entrance Canopies – Patio or Side Doors

Patio door awnings provide a great solution for minimizing the summer heat and ultraviolet damage. The canopy assists in keeping your home much cooler during the heat of the summer, assisting to lower air conditioning costs.

There are many styles available to provide protection during twelve months of the year or removable as to provide maximum light and welcome warmth during winter months. The removable awning is collapsible making storage convenient.

The styling of a clam make it an ideal solution for covering a patio door. A very sturdy construction allows for protection and beauty all year long.

Power Screens

Exterior powerscreens offer comfort at the touch of a button.  Screens provide shade, privacy, energy savings, insect protection and ventilation as well insulation on those chilly or windy days.   Simple and sleek.

House of Canvas

House of Canvas