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Annual Storage & Maintenance

House of Canvas offers the service of winter storage maintenance. Awnings and canopies are removed in the fall for storage with reinstallation in the spring. During the winter, they are assessed regarding condition and proper recommendations made where necessary. Repairs are taken care of and professional cleaning suggested when required. Dependable service throughout the life of your canopy results in years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Canopy Cleaning and Re-Proofing

We recommend that your canopy be cleaned after three to five years, dependent upon location and colour. Regular home maintenance involves a monthly spray of water from the garden hose to remove superficial dust and debris. This will prevent dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric. A professional cleaning restores the pristine beauty of the fabric as well as waterproofing. Your canopy is returned looking fresh and new.

Custom Welding & Industrial Fabrics

With a highly trained design and production team, many options are available to transform an idea into a tangible item.
House of Canvas can take care of your custom requests such as tarps or covers. With a state-of-the-art heat sealing system, seams in acrylic or vinyl fabrications are completely watertight.

General Repairs

House of Canvas offers a repair service for most fabric items such as boat tops, tent trailers & awnings, camping tents, tarps, industrial covers, bags and air-structures.
Our talented sewing team can tackle many challenges.

Retail Sales

Fabric, such as woven acrylic, canvas, vinyl and outdoor-quality furniture fabric are available by the yard. Small hardware such as dome fasteners, grommets and heavy duty zippers may be purchased.

Warranty Work

We stand behind the warranty on all of our products. Should you require any servicing repairs or experience any problems, our in-house staff or road crews will be there to solve the issue.

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