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Commercial Portfolio

Patios & Terraces

House of Canvas specializes in Terrace and Patio Canopies to effectively use space to your advantage and create a signature environment for you and your patrons. We’ll design your canopy to retain your view, providing protection from inclement weather and the benefit of increased visibility. Architectural features are considered as well as the layout of the terrace to fabricate a canopy that will best fulfill your vision and reflect your image. When required, structures will be engineered to be in compliance with provincial building codes. This should be considered a must in all public areas.

When you want to renovate or revitalize your Terrace or Patio Canopy, please give us a call or e-mail and we’ll send a representative to show you the latest selections of fabrics. We have been providing quality service that clients can depend on for over 35 years.


European Retractable

For decades, House of Canvas has been providing high-quality retractable awnings. All of our retractable awnings are made from the finest Italian manufactured components and assembled according to your specifics here in our shop. We bring the best retractable awnings to you.

Enjoy the versatility of an awning to keep the interior cool when it’s hot and sunny with UV resistant fabric; or, when it’s cooler or overcast, allow the option of full light; your clients can enjoy soaking up the sun’s warmth with the awning retracted. It’s your choice.

Systems are available with the simplicity of manual operation or with the ease of motorization.


Entrance Canopies

Create an appealing entrance that welcomes guests and residents to your restaurant, hotel, office or facility. Canopies can be designed to cover either the main entrance, include the walkway or even the drive. Entrance canopies distinguish your business from the others and express your personality. An effective canopy builds your presence and provides protection for patrons while inviting them through your door. Our graphics are applied with creativity and formulated for durability. Our design team will help you achieve maximum presentation.

Walkway Canopies provide shelter from weather while keeping your property accessible to residents, guests and employees at all times. Hotels, condominiums, hospitals, corporations, schools and recreation areas all benefit from the protection of decorator fabric canopies. One of our representatives will gladly meet with you for a consultation.


Special Projects

House of Canvas has been an innovator in Awning Design and Fabrication throughout Ottawa and the region for over 35 years. Complement your project with Custom Canopies or Awnings to provide an ambient area or to generate a unique “attention-getter” to set your business apart. Creating that special setting is possible with the use of fabric structures. Custom designs enhance the architecture of your business, whether a restaurant, hotel, mall or special project. House of Canvas will deliver with precision and success.


Banners are a powerful and economical way to advertise drawing potential clients to your business, project or special event. Banners immediately deliver your message with the creative use of colour, graphics and images. Multiple banners ensure that you’re not missed.

Accent Canopies

Attract clients to your business, restaurant, office or facility. Accent canopies offer colour touches and dimension, create a specific look , enhance architecture or dress up your building – a simple matter of esthetics and/or protection. They can be designed to target certain areas such as windows or open areas. They provide functionality as well as building your presence and name. Graphics, either text or logo, reinforces recognition.


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