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Dear John & Jo-Anne.
Trudy and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy our new canopy. It’s just great! The guys did a perfect job on the installation and we really appreciated their great service.
Also, the chairs you recovered for my mother in law were perfect. She is really happy and says “they look better than new”

Very sincerely, Jeff and Trudy McNeil

Dear House of Canvas
I feel compelled to write you on your excellent performance for me over the past three seasons and to commend your team.
Since purchasing my awning; from providing the quote, to addressing our concerns regarding colour and fabric, to meeting our request for an alteration, and cleaning and storing our awning each winter, you have been truly a professional and dedicated company to work with.
When I need some information from you, I always got it sooner than I expected. I’ve seen your staff installing and taking down our awning, and I am always impressed with their skill, care and courteousness.
The awning itself has performed fantastically and I have often recommended you to friends.
Thank you for granting my special request and installing our awning early this year.
Keep up the excellent work

Best Regards, Laura Beales

Hi Folks,
Thank you for my new awnings and canopy. Your knowledge of colours and style was impressive. The workmanship superb. They helped me turn my home and garden into my dream come true.
I appreciate that no question was too much. Everything was done with cheerfulness and honesty. Your place of business is clean and presentable with free parking “A bonus”

Thank you , A Happy Customer, Thelma Harvey

Dear Mr. Conroy
We were so pleased with the awnings installed on our house that we wanted to say how much we appreciated the way in which House of Canvas treated us as customers.
Everyone of your staff with whom we dealt was courteous, helpful and professional. From the first inquiry we made with you to the estimator and the installers, the purchase was a pleasure.
We will gladly recommend your company to our friends and neighbours.

Thank you M. J. Spooner

P.S. Thanks for the alteration that was done so quickly and returned

Dear Mr. Conroy
I wish to thank you and your company for completing the reinstallation of the awning at our home. Your patience and good will in this matter is greatly appreciated by my wife and me. We regret the time and inconvenience created for your company.
Let me take the opportunity to say that we are both extremely pleased with the awning

Yours truly, Brian McCoy

Dear. Mr. Conroy
I am writing to thank you very much for the professional service that you have offered me over the years and for the service that you have given me this past year that has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
This past spring when the time came to mount my awnings on my house, your staff arrived to find the back of the house in chaos and there was no place to mount the awnings on the ground floor. Their response was to put up the second floor awnings and return to your warehouse with the main floor awnings.
When in the autumn, you did not receive a phone call from me to take down my awnings; you phoned once to remind me. When I failed to respond you came anyway and took away my awnings for winter storage.
Thank you so much for taking care of me when I failed to instruct you!. I guess my one redeeming feature as a client is that I always pay my bill!
I am enclosing a cheque for your most recent service with my thanks, and I should let you know that I will want the awnings restored next spring (late May I think). I will also let you know that you may find the back of the house in disarray once again, as we are still trying to figure out how to expand our living space.
In any event, it is a great relief to me to know that I can count on your continued good service.

Thank you, Bruce Cooke

Please find enclosed my cheque for the final payment of the awnings.
Thank you for your fine work and that of your staff.
Also thanks for the lovely flower arrangement on the birth of our daughter, Jessica Jane.

Regards, M. Carson

Attention: John Conroy
Thank you for a job well done and excellent customer service. WE would appreciate our name kept on a file for removal, cleaning and storage of the canvas in late fall.

Much appreciated, Frank & Helene Lortie

We were pretty anxious to start enjoying our new awnings but although there was a delay, we would like to thank the team starting with sales, craftsmanship and installers. We like a lot the new awnings.

Diane Binette-Robinson

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to thank you for the prompt attention paid by House of Canvas to the concern I registered in my letter of June 10 to you about the way your new canopy for our back door was initially installed.
Neither my wife nor I expected the immediate and professional way in which your company retrieved, modified and re-installed the canopy. We consider the modifications to have adequately addressed our initial concern, which was that tears made in the canvas to enable the installation of brackets might eventually lead to further tearing.
Again, our sincere thanks for your attention to this concern.

Sincerely, Michael E. Cherry

Dear John:
Just a short note to say how pleased I am with the tarps that house of Canvas made and installed on four of our Fire Trucks.
Your staff did an excellent job and certainly are customer oriented and should be complimented for the quite, efficient and effective way in which they went about the job.
It has been our pleasure doing business with you

Sincerely, George Hawkins, Fire Chief, Rideau Township

Dear John,
John, it is now more than a year that we have had your awnings on our home and I thought that I should send you a note to tell you just how pleased we are with the awnings and the House of Canvas.
I was very impressed by the effort you made to design them for our challenging windows. They are both functional and attractive, as you planned. While there was a problem after manufacturing and installation, you fixed it without question quickly and at your cost. Since then, we have really enjoyed the benefits of your awnings.
We do not have nor do we want air conditioning. Hence, it is important that the awnings keep out the hot sun and also the rain so we do have adequate ventilation. With your help, we have achieve both well. I am retired and at home most of the time. As a result, I am very conscious of the temperature in our home, especially during the summer. I was amazed to discover that the awnings lowered the temperature by up to five degrees Centigrade inside. Who needs air conditioning!
John I have dealt with hundreds of companies at work and at home but very few take the time to do it right. Thank you for really caring about your customers.
And thank you for the fairest price in town!

Yours sincerely, Dave McNaughton

Dear Mr. Conroy
I am taking this opportunity to express to you my total satisfaction with the fixed canvas canopy which your team installed over my second floor deck last week. Obviously your measurements were accurate because the canopy fits like a glove, even around the chimney protrusion and over the barbeque bay. The installation team was professional in every aspect of the work. They had with them all the necessary fittings and tools so no time was wasted, and they left the work area clean and tidy.
The new canopy shades the entire deck while at the same time allowing light penetration. The end result is a very bright, spacious and airy atmosphere. It has turned an open deck into a very special shaded and private space. The waterproof feature of the canvas is an added bonus.
I am looking forward to next summer when I know I will spend far more time enjoying the deck because of the canopy.
Thank you again for engineering and installing a precisely fitted quality product.

Yours sincerely, Helen Groh

Dear Mr. Conroy
As you know, we were most unhappy with the wintertime assembly of our canvas. We could not pull it together.
But you sent out two good men who saw the problem, took them away and brought them back, showed us how to fasten them easily, provided longer fasteners and left us very satisfied and may even influence new clients.
Thank you and best wishes and please thank those two good men!

Graeme Fraser

Dear Mr. Conroy,
As you know, last week the City hosted a rally in support of the Ottawa Senators. This event was put together in little more than a few days, culminating in a resounding success which is still being talked about today.

Successful events do not just happen. They are the result of careful planning, hard work, attention to detail and the desire of those involved to give of their best. You are to commended for your efforts in arranging for the remarkable SENS banner that adorns our City Hall. People cheered as it was unfurled from the roof, fueling the excitement of the crowd. I believe it is the biggest banner I have ever seen!
Please accept my sincere thanks to you and all of your staff who contributed to the success of our SENS rally by meeting the seemingly impossible deadline.

Sincerely, Larry O’Brien

Thank you for the good service. The day the fellows came my little dog Molly stayed on the swing for two hours after I put the cushions out. In the meantime, I arranged things on the deck. I am enjoying my meals outdoors at times wearing sweater. I must say the two students were so friendly and polite. The one fellow has been here before; always smiling.

Have a happy and safe summer, Joan C.

Hi John
I was just organizing my business cards (what a mess! We’re moving temporarily to renovate our offices) and came on yours… anyway, I don’t think that I ever gave you feedback on our pop-ups.
I would like to say that it was a complete success and all were pleased with the facilities that we provided, and for sure , thanks to you.
Thanks for your excellent services and patience with our many changes and requests. I truly appreciated your advice and your team’s very “responsive” services.
I look forward to working with you again. In the meantime, I wish you and your staff the very best of the season.

Sincerely, Claudio Brun del Re, Senior Architect, University of Ottawa

Thank you for excellent service and high quality workmanship. Very much appreciated. G & B Auger

John and Jo-Anne,
Thanks for a beautiful job. Looks fantastic.

Thanks again, Dave

Dear John,
Hope this envelope is not to heavy… Along with the card we have included heaps and heaps of thank yous. No matter how much gratitude we’ve included, we could never sufficiently express the wonderful feeling of having your company to take care of the “housing needs of our wedding” as we launched our biggest adventure yet!
No matter what weather, John, you were out there to salvage the tent. Thank you for you for being you and for literally weathering the wedding storm with us. Thanks to you, we have great memories of a very special moment in our lives which we will treasure for the rest of our life together.

Best thoughts, Bart and Julie

Hi Folks,
Thank you so much for your donation of thread for use at the trade school in Uganda. We are fortunate the Ambassador will transport supplies for us when he returns home. The thread will be a wonderful help to the sewing program.

Thank you. Sincerely, Ann McLean, CANHAVE

Dear Jo-Anne ,
Despite the weekend’s light winds, we had a very successful National Capital Cup for sailors with disabilities. We had sixteen sailors racing in Gold and Silver fleets. Sailors were from Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa and Trenton. We had a strong core of volunteers who made the event special. From the time out of town, sailors and companions arrived on Friday evening until they departed on Sunday afternoon we made sure that they had the hospitality that NSC is noted for.
On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank you for your support. The gifts of the canvas tote bags were well received and we made sure that the sailors who didn’t share in the first, second and third place awards received tote bags so that nobody went home empty handed.
I am hoping that we will have an even larger group of sailors in 2011 as we prepare to host Mobility Cup 2012.
Again, thanks for your support.

Yours truly, Peter Wood , Regatta Chair, 2010 National Capital Cup

On behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff of the Kanata Food Cupboard I would like to thank you for your generous donations.
The Kanata Food Cupboard regularly service between 150-170 families per month. However, during the Christmas period we receive additional requests. Economic hardship and the season of the year tend to bring people forward asking for help. Through generous donations from business, schools, community groups and people like you, we are able to provide families with a Christmas meal and gifts.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the Kanata Food Cupboard and those it serves. Thank you very much for your continued support

Yours truly, Karen Waters Kanata Food Cupboard, Client Coordinator

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